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*The Our America Initiative engages solely in independent expenditures not coordinated with any particular campaign; furthermore, nothing in this flyer is intended to endorse the election or defeat of any particular candidate for office.

Our America Initiative PAC

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Americans have moved past the broken two party system and Our America INITIATIVE PAC is here to advance politics to where the people are.  We are against our own government spying on us, centrally planned government mandated healthcare, and corporate welfare which suffocates the average business with burdensome regulations and a tax code so complex that only the wealthiest companies can afford to navigate it. Our America initiative PAC represents the majority of voters unwilling to resign their fate to the duopoly that has dragged us to the point we are at today.

As the loud voices on either side of the political spectrum push out to unprecedented extremes , the electorate increasingly finds itself without anyone to fight for their inherent freedoms as citizens of this great country: . The freedom to be secure from bad actors, including those within the government itself.  The freedom to live their lives as they see fit as long as no harm is done to others.  The freedom to choose what they do with the money they earn without institutionalized social engineering pulling the strings.

Neither major party represents the American core. It is time for an entity with the necessary resources that does.  Our America initiative PAC will use your contributions to support qualified, Liberty-minded candidates and ballot initiatives that embody the values of the voiceless majority using independent expenditures. Success at the ballot box is only possible when these candidates and initiatives are able to compete with the establishment on traditional media, the internet, and on the ground.

With your non tax deductible financial contributions to the Our America initiative PAC we will bring Liberty to victory.
​It’s time to put Liberty on the ballot in a meaningful, competitive way.  
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